Clean Cham Chamois

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Clean Cham

Water absorption: HPSI synthetic chamois is more absorbent than ordinary towels five times hair drying sooner.

Cleanliness: HPSI synthetic chamois is much more easily cleaning than ordinary towel three times, which makes the skin clean. Dust absorbent and easily cleaning.

Softness: HPSI synthetic chamois touches soft and delicate, which has great effects on massage skin , keeps skin delicate, and gets rid of wrinkle

Toughness: the Toughness of HP SI synthetic chamois is so high that can resist pull and tear .This one is the equivalent of ten ordinary towels.

Anti-odour : HPSI synthetic chamois is made from PVA and anti.mildew, anti bacteria ,100% environmental protection.

Hair towel (dry hair towel): Wrapped the wet hair with HP si synthetic chamois and massage 30 seconds and it will naturally dry

Facial makeup towel: HPSl synthetic chamois can cleanseyour face without reside.

Application : HPSI synthetic chamois is more suitable for cleaning car windshield, body. dashboard computer screen, refrigerator, washing machine, piano and other high end appliances and leaving no trace of water to give you a fresh and bright life.