Voltronic Additive -  G30 OCTANE BOOSTER - 300ml

Voltronic Additive - G30 OCTANE BOOSTER - 300ml

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  • 2 in 1 formula, 8 RON Octane improver with complete fuel system cleaner in one package.
  • Protect valve-seat from premature wear, especially for CNG-hybrid-gasoline engine.
  • Clean fuel injector and prevent them from smear-off.
  • Removes carbon built up in combustion chamber, lambda-sensor, catalytic converter and EGR-valve.
  • Prevent knocking.
  • Reduce emission.
  • Promote and maintain smooth running engine.

Fuel treatment and octane improver for gasoline engine, as well for racing competition cars where required higher and stable Octane number.
Usage Direction
  • One bottle effectively treat for 45 litres gasoline fuel.
  • Directly add into fuel tank.
  • Also can be used as valve-protection fluid for CNG-hybrid-gasoline vehicles.