Voltronic - M30 Cockpit Spray

Voltronic - M30 Cockpit Spray

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VOLTRONIC ® M30 Cockpit Spray is high performance interior protector. Protect plastic, rubber, chrome and fabric, prevent them from crack, dull and discoloration. Protect from UV radiation, revitalize and preserved interior color.


  • Protect interior from harmful UV radiation.
  • Restore and revitalize ageing/discoloration interior.
  • Prevent plastic/rubber parts from crack.
  • Lubricate and eliminate interior noise.
  • Lubricate seat belt.
  • Gentle effect, won’t stain on interior surface.
  • Deep color effect, non-oily, non-shiny.
  • Long lasting result.

Application area

  • Dashboard.
  • Door panel.
  • Seat belt.